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Le Centre Européen pour l’Evaluation Linguistique (CEEL), the European Centre for Language Testing (ECLT) is a non-profit association that has provided quality language and communication training and certification since 1972. CEEL originates in the academic community of the University of Geneva. Its mission is to make use of the most relevant research in applied linguistics as a means to developing effective learning and testing.

Value Based Language Testing (VBLT) is a system of language testing that assesses a person’s ability to use a foreign language in four (4) main functions: speaking, listening, reading and writing. VBLT is not a “pass or fail” test but a measure of competence that places a candidate at a certain level of proficiency, within a range of six (6) distinct levels. The levels are aligned with the Common European Framework (CEF) and the framework developed by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). Currently, VBLT is available in four (4) languages: English, German, French and Italian.


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